The Carriage House Auxiliary was formed in March 1980, when the Civic Theatre Guild obtained use of the Carriage House. The primary purpose of the Auxiliary was to improve the grounds and help renovate and furnish the Carriage House. Through the years, many fundraisers have been held in an effort to accomplish their goals. Among their achievements, perhaps the most striking is the beautiful courtyard, which all patrons enjoy as a part of the theater experience at the Carriage House.

The Auxiliary continues to enhance the facility with additions, such as street lamps, park benches, trees, shrubs and new flower beds each spring. They also contribute time, serving as hosts and hostesses for each play throughout the year and assisting with additional projects, like preparing bulk mailings.

The Auxiliary is looking for individuals to join their ranks and help with these important aspects of community theater. Everyone is welcome to join! For more information on how you can get involved, please contact us.