Anyone interested in serving on the CTG Board is encouraged to contact us. No theater experience is required, just a willingness to serve and have fun!

Current Officers
Officers are elected annually from the general board membership.

  • David Myers – President
  • Kaleen Juergens – Vice President
  • Debra Haar – Treasurer

Board Members
Directors are appointed annually for three-year terms with various duties. Some help with the Carriage House maintenance while others serve on the Play Selection committee. It all just depends on what your interests are.

  • Bruce Andrews
  • Erin Kranz
  • Paula Whitworth
  • Aaron Linden
  • John Goodell
  • Jami Lance

Members of the Civic Theatre Guild are expected to serve on one or two of the following committees:

  • Production – Set construction & providing assistance to directors
  • Maintenance – Maintaining the Carriage House interior
  • Membership – Maintaining mailing lists and recruiting new members
  • Play Selection – Reading and selecting plays and directors
  • Marketing – Promoting CTG and the Carriage House Theater