December 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 @ 7:30 PM December 4, 11 @ 2 PM at the Carriage House Theater

Tickets go on sale November 1.

Directed By Dimitra Dugal

In the bleak, corporate break room of a craft store in Idaho, someone is summoning The Rapture. Will, who has fled his rural hometown after a scandal at his church, comes to the Hobby Lobby, not only for employment, but also to rekindle a relationship with Alex, his brooding teenage son, whom he gave up for adoption several years ago. Alex works there along with Leroy, his adopted brother and protector, and Anna, a hapless young woman who reads bland fiction but hopes for dramatic endings. As their manager, foul-mouthed Pauline, tries ceaselessly to find order (and profit) in the chaos of big-box store business, these lost souls of the Hobby Lobby confront an unyielding world through the beige-tinted impossibility of modern idealism. Samuel D. Hunter’s A Bright New Boise is a earnest comedy about the sometimes meager profits of modern faith.