The Father

by Florian Zeller

Directed by Gene Davis

Now 80 years old, André was once a tap dancer. He lives with his daughter, Anne, and her husband, Antoine. Or was André an engineer, whose daughter Anne lives in London with her new lover, Pierre? The thing is, he is still wearing his pajamas, and he can’t find his watch. He is starting to wonder if he’s losing control. Tony Award Nominee for Best Play, 2016. A heartrending, often funny, and all too familiar play about a man losing himself to dementia…as seen through the confused reality of the patient.

Rated G.

Tickets go on sale December 19th.


From the Director

The Sheridan Civic Theatre Guild was fortunate to obtain the rights to a critically acclaimed and relevant play entitled: “The Father” by Florian Zeller.   Winner of the 2014 Moliere award for France’s Best Play, it moved on to Broadway in 2016 where it was nominated for the Tony award for Best Play and Best Actor. 

The topic is Dementia, but it is uniquely staged so that the audience experiences the play through the confused eyes of Andre as he struggles to make sense of an increasingly befuddled world.   His daughter Anne valiantly attempts to care for him while trying to have a life of her own.

Andre can be charming or cruel depending on his ever changing moods and tries the patience of Anne’s partner, Pierre who wants to place him in a nursing home.   Tension builds throughout the play and it becomes like a thriller as it spirals into ever increasing dysfunction with a brilliant blend of humor, sadness and uncertainty as to what is real and what is imagined.

We chose this play because our director and many of our cast have had personal experience with dementia due to Alzheimer’s or traumatic brain injury.

According to Dementia Friendly Wyoming, nationally there are 5.4 Million people currently living with Alzheimer’s but that figure is estimated to triple to 16 Million by 2050 and will affect 1 in 2 families within the next 10 years.

We were fortunate to attract a veteran cast to produce this difficult play:

Scott Bateman, Dimitra Dugal, Aaron Linden, Jennifer Black, Jami Lance and Eric Detmer combine with decades of experience on the stage to bring “The Father” to Sheridan Stage.

“The Father” opens Jan. 19th at the Carriage House and runs Jan. 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 and Feb. 1, 2, 3.   Evening shows open at 7:30pm and Sunday Matinees open at 200pm.   Tickets are available at Wyo Box office or WyoTheater.com   It is rated PG13 since it is focused on an adult theme.